AI-driven platform

for a climate view

on financial products

The problem

we are solving

  1. We must spend $10 Trillion per year on an industrial Net Zero transformation.
  2. Investors have the capital but finding opportunities that match their interests is hard.
  3. Analysts struggle to keep up with new climate guidelines, regulations and frameworks for financial products.

_Until now.


Environmental alpha through scaling the use of frameworks on financial products

Unique environmental alpha


Users discover quick, unique insights, and upload their own documents and data to use

Transparent, specialised AI


Our platform is powered by a unique LLM that is trained to analyse environmental financial data

Compliant, secure data


Our team monitors the quality and trustability of our data and operations

We are developing our platform with partners who are looking for an edge in their decision making, starting with the bond market.

Enabling original insight

We help analysts and fund managers discover new insights and opportunities, by matching their climate views to thousands of reports, frameworks and documents.

AI-driven speed & scale

We speed up data gathering from corporate and government documents, websites, news sources, and uploaded frameworks, autogenerating output to save analyst time.

Trusted and transparent

We curate the data sources using a human-led and AI-driven process, in a system engineered to report its outputs to compliance teams. (See our upcoming whitepaper.)

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Our Founders


Aleksi Tukiainen

Co-founder and CEO

  • Serial entrepreneur in machine learning businesses.
  • Built and scaled multiple companies (100+ employees, $100M+ capital raised).
  • Built machine learning products in deep tech for climate (carbon ratings), finance (futures trading) and biotech.

Krista Tukiainen

Co-founder and CCO

  • Four years at Climate Bonds Initiative working with financial institutions on green finance.
  • Helped build regulated green taxonomies (EU, PSF) Advisory group seats (ICMA, LSEG, FoSDA), publications Keynote conference speaker.
  • Climate finance expert with industry networks & EM experience.

We are always looking for people passionate about climate and finance!

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Exchange House,

12 Primrose Street,

London EC2A 2EG

Registered in England and Wales as Climate Aligned Company Ltd.